To sensitize Nigerians

 about the negative impact of corruption in Nigeria: Corruption has destroyed a lot of things in Nigeria e.g Power supply is crippled, no good health care as a result of corruption, right people are not in right position all because of corruption e.t.c

To raise new Nigerians

that will be free from corruption: The number of these likeminded individuals is not enough to cover the whole country that is why we are calling on Nigerians to join us in this positive fight against corruption, make sure you are part of this revolution that is ongoing.

To effect positive change

on the behavioral patterns of Nigerians: If Nigerians change their behavior positively and we holistically change our attitude in every aspect, it will go a long way in helping the country positively.
5. To ensure that corruption and other social

To give Nigeria citizenry

 the opportunity to participate in eliminating corruption from Nigeria: Every reasonable Nigerians must take part in the ongoing revolution be you male/female, young/old, educated/non-educated. The foreigners living among us will also take part in this project because if the environment is not conducive for you, you cannot carry out the reason why you are in Nigeria, Nigerians in Diaspora will also participate, the reason be that they are not going to stay forever in another man’s land they will definitely comeback home, remember that they left some of their loved ones and properties behind.

To ensure that corruption

 and other social vices are stamped out from our society: Apart from corruption, there are other social vices in our societies e.g engaging in hard drugs, fornication, Adultery, homosexual etc. One of our objectives is to stamp out all these social vices from our societies because it has a negative impact on the society and on the country at large. 

To assist community bring

 up project that will reduce unemployment: One of our aims/objectives is to develop communities, wards, districts, local government and state and are targeting mostly the youths, teenagers and children, you will agree with me that majority of all of us in the cities actually migrated from the village to the town and cities in search of white cola job so if they have a good orientation from the village and they were employed in the towns and cities as accountant, cashiers etc, they will not cut corners (stealing). We also intend to build skill acquisition centers in the communities to tackle the problem of unemployment.