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Before the oil boom, Nigeria depended on Agriculture for survival and the major sources of income for Nigeria was exporting of agricultural produce. This time Nigeria was known for integrity. This period Nigerians still believes and trust one another. Then you hardly see fences around because nobody was suspecting one another, you can sleep with your two eyes closed, if you leave your door opened it will remain opened till the following day without someone thinking of stealing your properties, this time Nigerians entered into business transaction without writing memorandum of understanding (MOU) because we do Business with ultimate good faith, none of the parties is thinking of cheating the other party out of money.
But shortly after the discovering of oil in Nigeria, corruption set in, the good life we were enjoying was taken away from us, our eyes were opened to know the important of wealth acquisition and we started acquiring it using every means at our disposal to do that we can kill to acquire wealth, we no longer live as brothers and sister, the trust we had for each other left us, we started suspecting one another , father no longer trust children, children no longer trust father, mother no longer trust children, children no longer trust mother, husband no longer trust wife, wife no longer trust husband. It was at this time that greed and selfishness set into our life, we started building fences around our selves; we started demarcating boundaries among ourselves.
This time individual started aspiring for political position because of money, no longer service to humanity, we started rigging election, to favour a certain political party , a lot of things went bad , tribalism, favoritism, nepotism got in and the whole thing lingered until we got to where we are and the whole thing is eating us up now.a
But I want to tell you that there is still hope for Nigeria as a country and Nigerians as citizenry, but before this hope can unfold itself, each an every one of us must play our role as a citizen of this great nation.
What is this role? The role is just for us to be a patriotic Nigerian in all ramification, if we see those perpetrating evil and corruption, tell them what they are doing is bad and it will not do the country any favor and make sure you don’t join them to carry out these act but frown at it, if possible raise an alarm tell the necessary authorities, in that case you have demonstrated patriotism. The only thing that will help us out of the monster called CORRUPTION is to be patriotic in all our dealings with people both at home and in diasporas that is the only way we can restore the glory of Nigeria back to her. Let us go back to when Nigeria was known for integrity as a nation and individuals.
Patriotism cannot be over emphasized, it is the weapon found worthy to be used to address the whole of the problems we are facing in Nigeria. It is patriotism that will make us to put the country first in all our dealings, it is patriotism that will make us to do business legitimately, it is patriotism that will make politicians serve the people they are representing rather than serving themselves, its patriotism that will make politicians not to rig an election to win by all means, it is patriotism that will make the citizenry to protect the image of this nation both home and abroad etc.


To effect positive change on the behavioral patterns of Nigerians: If Nigerians change their behavior positively and we holistically change our attitude in every aspect, it will go a long way in helping the country positively.

Akoh Joshua 



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